In Old Egypt-Pharaoh
Parable of the Lost Son-1-19/graphic novel
Mountain Goat (Alpine Steenbok) -pen drawing
Parable of the Lost Son- First Encounter
Poems For The Solitary Hour: Café Comedy by Robert William Service

Poems For The Solitary Hour: Café Comedy by Robert William Service


I’m waiting for the man I hope to wed.

I’ve never seen him – that’s the funny part.

I promised I would wear a rose of red,

Pinned on my coat above my fluttered heart,

So that he’d know me – a precaution wise,

Because I wrote him I was twenty-three,

And Oh such heaps and heaps of silly lies…

So when we meet what will he think of me?

It’s funny, but it has its sorry side;

I put an…

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Some Thoughts on History

Some Thoughts on History

Don’t be fooled to believe news media. History is something else. Democracy after fall of Moammar was big news. Arab Spring gave way to something else and the situation in Libya is neither here nor there. Similarly in Egypt  those who wanted a decent life free from want repression threw Mubbarak regime. What did it bring but worse situation than before that the army had to step in. This cannot be…

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Sheldonia- Magus the Wizard’s lessons in magic
Parable of the Lost Son=1:16 graphic novel
Parable of the Lost Son-graphic novel 1:17