Post Omar Khayyam-what next?

On Writing Omar Khayyam

The Illustrated Omar Khayyam took three months of labor but before I got down to the task there were dry runs. My WordPress blog was one such. (http://omarikhayyamdotcom.wordpress.com).

After seeing my work into print I can imagine soul has needs too and expression of which must however strike a sympathetic chord with my creative urges that are licked into shape by my…

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Bear cub-pen forty winks
Flash News! Bad Poetry is Dead! Long Live Poetry!

With all the hype of blood and gore IS bombed at the  box office.  From Syria to the Levant bad poetry is dead.  But good poetry still rocks! For instance in the Illustrated Omar Khayyam you can begin any where and still find on any page music of the soul.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out

http://www.lulu.com/shop/benny-thomas/rubāiyyāt-2014/paperback/product-21805897.html …


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Poems For The Solitary Hour- If those I loved were Lost by Emily Dickinson

If those I loved were lost

The Crier’s voice would tell me –

If those I loved were found

The bells of Ghent would ring –

Did those I loved repose

The Daisy would impel me.

Philip — when bewildered

Bore his riddle in!

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Science Notes- teleportation

If we wish to colonize Mars in some distant future it may not be a far fetched idea. Teleportation of humans is a giant leap but as Niels Armstrong said, a small step’ has been already achieved. Quantum teleportation is the moving of quantum data from one location to another without having to travel the distance between them. Have qbits will travel to paraphrase a TV series in my youth.


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Donkey - graphite
On Love but Not By Rumi- quote

“Love is the fulcrum on which I hoist myself. Don’t catch me when I fall. I cannot but fall where love has spread my rest.”

This is a quote I just tweeted off the cuff.

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Mother and Child-watercolor
Why Write? The Illustrated Omar Khayyam

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.

It is the source of all true art and science.” ~ Albert Einstein

What greater mystery can we plumb than that of life? Is there any purpose or direction for which we have been programmed beforehand?

Life is a precious gift and every man and woman have the same gift to be used between birth and death. If we have been endowed with fine…

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